[Gluster-users] Gluster 3.3 replace-brick

Juan José Pavlik Salles jjpavlik at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 18:58:23 UTC 2014

What I finally did was:

-commit force the replace-brick operation and the brick was changed.
-to force healing I ran find /mnt/gvol/ -print0 | xargs --null stat

If the source disk dies I still have the old copy on the replaced brick,
but going through a full directory listing is quite a time/resource
consuming task.

2014-11-07 9:50 GMT-03:00 Juan José Pavlik Salles <jjpavlik at gmail.com>:

> Hi guys, we added a new node to the cluster we have so I used
> replace-brick to move a brick from node 4 to the new node 5. Everything was
> going great but the  operation was completed before moving all the files it
> was supposed to move. It barely moved 1TB from 2.3TB it should have moved.
> What should I do? Abort the replacement? Commit force it and let self heal
> move the rest of the files?
> Regards
> --
> Pavlik Salles Juan José
> Blog - http://viviendolared.blogspot.com

Pavlik Salles Juan José
Blog - http://viviendolared.blogspot.com
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