[Gluster-users] VFS plug-in for Gluster breaks case sensitivity.

Jon sphinx_man_60 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 3 17:00:21 UTC 2014

Hello, thank you for your reply.
I tried disabling the stat-prefetch parameter, it had no affect.Something to note, writes to this volume from other Windows clients are working correctly and not having case problems.

[prog at xvm-10-66 ~]$ testparm -v | grep case        default case = lower        case sensitive = Auto        preserve case = Yes        short preserve case = Yes        case sensitive = No [prog at xvm-10-66 ~]$ testparm -v | grep unix        unix charset = UTF-8        unix password sync = No        unix extensions = No
Some more detail on my test procedure: An incorrect case look-up will work if Windows client navigates to the directory or if there is a successful look-up with the correct case. For example:
Run 1\\xvm-10-66\raid\RELEASE_2268\150373E7A0148258\150817BC917FFB00.zon :fails
Run 2\\xvm-10-66\raid\RELEASE_2268\150373E7A0148258\150817BC917FFB00.zon :fails\\xvm-10-66\raid\release_2268\150373E7A0148258\150817BC917FFB00.zon :succeeds
Run 3\\xvm-10-66\raid\RELEASE_2268\150373E7A0148258\150817BC917FFB00.zon :succeeds\\xvm-10-66\raid\release_2268\150373E7A0148258\150817BC917FFB00.zon :succeeds
Here is the snippet of Java code that is doing the file.exists() test.
File f = new File(cleanLine);
sExist = System.nanoTime();if(f.exists()){ System.out.println("File exists"); } else { System.out.println("File not found"); } 

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