[Gluster-users] Virt-store use case - HA failure issue - suggestions needed

Jason Brooks jbrooks at redhat.com
Thu Jul 31 18:52:58 UTC 2014

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> Subject: [Gluster-users] Virt-store use case - HA failure issue -	suggestions needed
> I'm currently testing Gluster 3.5.1 in a two server QEMU/KVM environment.
> Centos 6.5:
> Two servers (KVM07 & KVM08), Two brick (one brick per server) replicated
> volume
> I've tuned the volume per the documentation here:
> http://gluster.org/documentation/use_cases/Virt-store-usecase/
> I have the gluster volume fuse mounted on KVM07 and KVM08 and am using it
> to store raw disk images.
> KVM is using the fuse mounted volume as a "dir: Filesystem Directory:
> storage pool.
> With setting dynamic_ownership = 0 in /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf and chown-ing
> the files to qemu:qemu, live migration works great.
> Problem:
> If I need to take down one of these servers for maintenance, I live migrate
> the VMs to the other server.
> service gluster stop
> then kill all the remaining gluster and brick processes.

The guide says that quorum-type=auto sets a rule such that at least half 
of the bricks in the replica group should be UP and running. If not, 
the replica group becomes read-only. I think the rule is actually 51%, 
so bringing down one of the two servers makes your volume read-only.

If you want two servers, you need to unset this rule. Better to add a
third server and a third replica, though.

Regards, Jason

> At this point, the VMs die.  The Fuse mount recovers and remains attached
> to the volume via the other server, but the VIRT disk images are not fully
> synced.
> This causes the VMs to go into a read-only files system state, then kernel
> panic.  Reboots/restarts of the VMs just cause kernel panics.  This
> effectively brings down the two node cluster.
> Bringing back up the gluster node / bricks /etc, prompts a self-heal.  Once
> self-heal is completed, the VMs can boot normally.
> Question: is there a better way to accomplish HA with live/running Virt
> images?  The goal is to be able to bring down any one server in the pair
> and perform maintenance without interrupting the VMs.
> I assume my shutdown process is flawed but haven't been able to find a
> better process.
> Any suggestions are welcome.
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> -Vince Loschiavo
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