[Gluster-users] gluster nfs down but glusterd is alive

西门吹雪 2669663 at 163.com
Tue Jul 29 08:52:16 UTC 2014

Hi team,

Used glusterfs version: 3.4.2
One gluster node nfs down,but glusterd is alive .And it leads to the nfs mounted volume is not avaliable
I tried to restart glusterd and the gluster nfs starts up.
Following are my questions:
  1. why gluster nfs service down?
  2. how to avoid this situation occur again?

I read some articles similiar with my situation likes

But the reason is still unknown
Can u provide some supports?

Hope your answer

Following are the nfs.log message before nfs service down
[2014-07-2809:07:37.784900] I [dht-common.c:1017:dht_lookup_everywhere_cbk] 0-portal-dht: deleting stale linkfile /mule-enterprise-standalone-3.4.0-RC1/.mule/.agent/mmc-support/stats/stats.dat on porta
[2014-07-2809:07:55.401655] W [nfs3.c:3541:nfs3svc_rmdir_cbk] 0-nfs: 8044201: /mule-enterprise-standalone-3.4.0-RC1/.mule/.agent/mmc-support => -1(Directory not empty)
[2014-07-2809:07:55.540082] E [nfs3-helpers.c:3595:nfs3_fh_resolve_inode_lookup_cbk] 0-nfs-nfsv3: Lookup failed: <gfid:5b28eeb2-14c5-4c26-879f-b48173e984e4>: Invalid argument
[2014-07-2809:07:55.540105] E [nfs3.c:755:nfs3_getattr_resume] 0-nfs-nfsv3: Unable to resolve FH: ( portal : 5b28eeb2-14c5-4c26-879f-b48173e984e4
[2014-07-2809:07:55.540120] W [nfs3-helpers.c:3380:nfs3_log_common_res] 0-nfs-nfsv3: XID: 17044201, GETATTR: NFS: 22(Invalid argument foroperation), POSIX: 14(Bad address)

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