[Gluster-users] Expanding volume makes VM's freeze

Frank . frank_1005 at msn.com
Mon Jul 28 15:29:18 UTC 2014


I experienced an issue today with the "expand" functionnality.
I used the following command.

gluster volume add-brick gv0 srv1:/export/b5/brick/ srv2:/export/b5/brick/

I could see from Proxmox that the volume was expanded successfully.
Several minutes later all my VM's restarted. I don't know realy why.

I wonder how gluster clients are supposed to handle such events ? Did the expansion suspend all I/O ?

Version of gluster : glusterfs 3.4.2 built on Jan  7 2014 17:14:50

Any help or explanation would be very much appreciated.
Best regards. 

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