[Gluster-users] Question about replace brick in glusterFS 3.5

可樂我 colacolameme at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 04:22:22 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,
I have a question about replace brick in glusterFS3.5
if I want find a new brick in other node to replace old brick,
can I use the "gluster vol XXX replace-brick" cmd to replace brick?

I find the information about replace brick in internet
it say:

 When we initially came up with specs of 'glusterd', we needed an option to
replace a dead brick, and few people even requested for having an option to
migrate the data from the brick, when we are replacing it.

 The result of this is 'gluster volume replace-brick' CLI, and in the
releases till 3.3.0 this was the only way to 'migrate' data off a removed
brick properly.

 Now, with 3.3.0+ (ie, in upstream too), we have another *better* approach
(technically), which is achieved by below methods

So I can use the replace brick directly command?
have any method to replace brick in glusterFS without data lose?
Any one can help me?
Thanks a lot
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