[Gluster-users] Failed to connect during mount

J. Pablo Fernández pupeno at pupeno.com
Thu Jul 17 10:57:12 UTC 2014


I been struggling to get GlusterFS to mount local volumes at boot time. I
posted a lot of information about the issue here:


but I essentially narrow it down to this error:

[2014-07-17 10:46:23.054390] E [socket.c:2161:socket_connect_finish]
0-glusterfs: connection to failed (Connection refused)

[2014-07-17 10:46:23.054433] E [glusterfsd-mgmt.c:1601:mgmt_rpc_notify]
0-glusterfsd-mgmt: failed to connect with remote-host:
koraga.int.example.com (No data available)

in /var/log/glusterfs/var-www-shared-public-uploads.log. This is on an
Ubuntu 14.04 server. The weird thing is that I have a very similar
configuration in a virtual server on a local VirtualBox and there it works

After booting, if I run mount -a, the volumes get mounted correctly.

Any ideas what's going on?

J. Pablo Fernández <pupeno at pupeno.com> (http://pupeno.com)
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