[Gluster-users] Question about file anomalies and copying to gluster failing

DUPRE, LANCE DUPREL at mailbox.sc.edu
Thu Jul 10 15:46:25 UTC 2014


I seem to be having trouble with our servers running the red hat gluster appliance v 3.2.5. We have 3 distributed bricks part of the cluster and it is shared out using glusters native NFS support to Mac OSX Clients. Currently I am unable to copy large (20GB) files to the cluster. Also, I was able to create an empty test folder through the NFS share but when I delete it, it will reappear after a few seconds. I have took a look at the gluster logs and see about 20 of these this in the nfs.log file:

[dht-layout.c:581:dht_layout_normalize] 0-archive-dht: found anomalies in /archival/MVTN_C6089_Pres1. holes=1 overlaps=0   

I assume there has been some file corruption. but shouldn’t gluster self heal? If not how do I trigger the self heal to start?

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