[Gluster-users] [Gluster-devel] Initiative to increase developer participation

Lalatendu Mohanty lmohanty at redhat.com
Tue Jul 8 18:17:24 UTC 2014

On 05/30/2014 01:16 PM, Niels de Vos wrote:

> Documentation in the wiki, mainly these pages:
> - http://www.gluster.org/community/documentation/index.php/Main_Page#Developers
> - http://www.gluster.org/community/documentation/index.php/Developers
>>   - Over time make these new comers as experienced developers in
>>     glusterfs :-)
>> Maintainers,
>>       Could you please come up with the initial list of bugs by next
>>       Wednesday before community meeting?
> If we mark bugs with the EasyFix keyword (see below), all bugs can get
> listed with a simple Bugzilla query:
> - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/buglist.cgi?bug_status=NEW&keywords=EasyFix&product=GlusterFS
>> Niels,
>>     Could you send out the guideline to mark the bugs as easy fix. Also
>>     the wiki link for backports.
> To mark a bug as Easy to Fix, open the Bug, and add in 'EasyFix' in the
> 'Keywords' field. Of course, it would help any newcomer if there is
> a comment on where (i.e. which source file, function) the changes are
> needed. For example, https://bugzilla.redhat.com/1100204 contains
> a clear description what is needed, and where.
> For the stable branches (release-3.4 and release-3.5 in the git
> repository), it often is needed to 'backport' a change from the current
> development branch (master). Backporting is for many changes relatively
> easy and we have started to document the steps here:
> - http://www.gluster.org/community/documentation/index.php/Backport_Guidelines
> The "Backport Wishlist" is a list of patches/bugs that are proposed
> candidates for backporting. When a backport request has been filed,
> a bug for this backport and the release-version should be created.
> Depending on the change, the EasyFix keyword could be set by the person
> creating the bug (or by a developer or sub-maintainer after a review).

We have started a page in gluster wiki about easyfix bugs [1]. It 
contains the initial information for developers who want to fix easy 
bugs in GlusterFS.

[1] http://www.gluster.org/community/documentation/index.php/EasyFix_Bugs

Happy hacking!!


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