[Gluster-users] Self-heal Problems with gluster and nfs

Norman Mähler n.maehler at uni-assist.de
Tue Jul 8 09:16:41 UTC 2014

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Hello again,

i could resolve the self heal problems with the missing gfid files on
one of the servers by deleting the gfid files on the other server.

They had a link count of 1 which means that the file on that the gfid
pointed was already deleted.

We have still these errors

[2014-07-08 09:09:43.564488] W
0-gluster_dateisystem-client-0: remote operation failed: File exists
(00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 ->

which appear in the glusterfshd.log and these

[2014-07-08 09:13:31.198462] E
[0x7f5d29f8b3c9]))) 0-: Assertion failed: 0

from the nfs.log.

I think the error messages belong together but I don't have any idea
how to solve them.

Still we have got a very bad performance issue. The system load on the
servers is above 20 and nearly no one is able to work in here on a

Hope for help

Am 07.07.2014 15:39, schrieb Pranith Kumar Karampuri:
> On 07/07/2014 06:58 PM, Norman Mähler wrote: Dear community,
> we have got some serious problems with our Gluster installation.
> Here is the setting:
> We have got 2 bricks (version 3.4.4) on a debian 7.5, one of them
> with an nfs export. There are about 120 clients connecting to the
> exported nfs. These clients are thin clients reading and writing
> their Linux home directories from the exported nfs.
> We want to change the access of these clients one by one to access
> via gluster client.
>> I did not understand what you meant by this. Are you moving to 
>> glusterfs-fuse based mounts?
> Here are our problems:
> In the moment we have got two types of error messages which come
> in burts to our glusterfshd.log
> [2014-07-07 13:10:21.572487] W 
> [client-rpc-fops.c:1538:client3_3_inodelk_cbk] 
> 0-gluster_dateisystem-client-1: remote operation failed: No such
> file or directory [2014-07-07 13:10:21.573448] W 
> [client-rpc-fops.c:471:client3_3_open_cbk] 
> 0-gluster_dateisystem-client-1: remote operation failed: No such
> file or directory. Path:
> <gfid:b0c4f78a-249f-4db7-9d5b-0902c7d8f6cc> 
> (00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000) [2014-07-07 13:10:21.573468]
> E [afr-self-heal-data.c:1270:afr_sh_data_open_cbk] 
> 0-gluster_dateisystem-replicate-0: open of 
> <gfid:b0c4f78a-249f-4db7-9d5b-0902c7d8f6cc> failed on child 
> gluster_dateisystem-client-1 (No such file or directory)
> This looks like a missing gfid file on one of the bricks. I looked
> it up and yes the file is missing on the second brick.
> We got these messages the other way round, too (missing on
> client-0 and the first brick).
> Is it possible to repair this one by copying the gfid file to the 
> brick where it was missing? Or ist there another way to repair it?
> The second message is
> [2014-07-07 13:06:35.948738] W 
> [client-rpc-fops.c:2469:client3_3_link_cbk] 
> 0-gluster_dateisystem-client-1: remote operation failed: File
> exists (00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 -> 
> <gfid:aae47250-8f69-480c-ac75-2da2f4d21d7a>/lock)
> and I really do not know what to do with this one...
>> Did any of the bricks went offline and came back online?
>> Pranith
> I am really looking forward to your help because this is an active 
> system and the system load on the nfs brick is about 25 (!!)
> Thanks in advance! Norman Maehler
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