[Gluster-users] mounting a gluster volume

Paul Cuzner pcuzner at redhat.com
Mon Feb 24 22:35:42 UTC 2014

having a front end network and a back end network is a common approach to handling "legacy" protocols like SMB and NFS. 

Your front end network provides one entry point, and the backend network would support the node inter-connects and gluster client connections. 

As it stands today, I'm not aware of a simple way to make native gluster mounts pass through the front end network without ipforward approach. 

Perhaps others on this list can enlighten us both! 

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> Subject: [Gluster-users] mounting a gluster volume

> Hi all

> I have a replica 2 glustervolume.
> between hostA and hostB
> both hosts are connected through a private network/crosslink
> which has addresses in a distinguished network.
> The server have another set of interfaces facing the client side -
> (on a different network address range)
> Is there a way that a client can mount a glustervolume
> without enabling ipforward on the server?


> Bernhard

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