[Gluster-users] Java 1.4+ and Gluster - new project libgfapi-java-io

Brad Childs bdc at redhat.com
Fri Feb 21 22:26:07 UTC 2014

I would like to announce a new project on Gluster forge - libgfapi-java-io.  This project aims at creating a Java 1.4+ interface to gluster using libgfapi interface.


libgfapi-java-io provides-

- Maven compatibility
- Raw Inputstream + OutputStream (very slow)
- Buffered Inputstream and Outputstream (much faster.. amortizes the JNI call over larger blocks)
- Full support for the following file and directory functions: delete, rename, mkdirs, list() list(filter), getMod, getUid, getGid, setUid, setGid, getAtime, getMtime, getCtime, getBlockSize, length, exists.
- Very much java/OO structure hiding the libgfapi static calls.  Quite similar to the java.io.File class.

I will continue working and improving documentation, tests and examples. Currently the OutputStream is highly performant beating raw FUSE writes, and the InputStream is nearly as performant as raw FUSE writes.  I should have the InputStream performance sorted soon.

Of course if you hate old Java and are looking for the cleaner FileSystem implementation of Java 1.7, don't forget Louis' glusterfs-java-filesystem project:  https://forge.gluster.org/glusterfs-java-filesystem


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