[Gluster-users] Best Practices for different failure scenarios?

BGM bernhard.glomm at ecologic.eu
Fri Feb 21 16:57:47 UTC 2014

>> It might be very helpful to have a wiki next to this mailing list,
>> where all the good experience, all the proved solutions for "situations"
>> that are brought up here, could be gathered in a more
>> permanent and straight way.
> +1. It would be very useful to evolve an operations guide for GlusterFS.
>> .
>> To your questions I would add:
>> what's best practice in setting options for performance and/or integrity...
>> (yeah, well, for which use case under which conditions)
>> a mailinglist is very helpful for adhoc probs and questions,
>> but it would be nice to distill the knowledge into a permanent, searchable form.
>> .
>> sure anybody could set up a wiki, but...
>> it would need the acceptance and participation of an active group
>> to get best results.
>> so IMO the appropriate place would be somewhere close to gluster.org?
>> .
> Would be happy to carry this in doc/ folder of glusterfs.git and collaborate on it if a lightweight documentation format like markdown or asciidoc is used for evolving this guide.

I haven't worked with neither of them,
on the very first glance asciidoc looks easier to me.
(assuming it is either or ?)
and (sorry for being flat, i m op not dev ;-) you suggest everybody sets up a git from where you
pull, right?
well, wouldn't a wiki be much easier? both, to contribute to and to access the information?
(like wiki.debian.org?)
The git based solution might be easier to start of with,
but would it reach a big enough community?
Wouldn't a wiki also have a better PR/marketing effect (by being easier to access)?
just a thought...
best regards,

> -Vijay

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