[Gluster-users] Split-brain

William Kwan potatok at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 20 22:43:12 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Running glusterfs-3.4.2-1.el6.x86_6 on centos6.5

Due to some smart people screw up my network connection on the nodes for don't know how long. I found that I have my GlusterFS volume in split-brain.  I googled and found different way to clean this.  I need some extra help on this.

# gluster volume heal kvm1 info split-brain
Gathering Heal info on volume kvm1 has been successful

Brick mgmt1:/gluster/brick1
Number of entries: 21
at                    path on brick
2014-02-20 22:33:41 /d058a735-0fca-430a-a3d7-cf0a77097e5d/images/714c56a8-db1d-42d5-bf76-869bd6c87eef/0ea0a280-4c2c-48ab-ad95-8cb48e6cf02b
2014-02-20 22:33:41 /d058a735-0fca-430a-a3d7-cf0a77097e5d/images/20b728b6-dd39-4d2e-a5c0-2dee22df6e95/a6a9b083-b04c-4ac8-86cb-ed4eb697c2c3
2014-02-20 22:33:41 /d058a735-0fca-430a-a3d7-cf0a77097e5d/dom_md/ids
... <truncated>

Brick mgmt2:/gluster/brick1
Number of entries: 28
at                    path on brick
2014-02-20 22:37:38 /d058a735-0fca-430a-a3d7-cf0a77097e5d/dom_md/ids
2014-02-20 22:37:38 /d058a735-0fca-430a-a3d7-cf0a77097e5d/images/714c56a8-db1d-42d5-bf76-869bd6c87eef/0ea0a280-4c2c-48ab-ad95-8cb48e6cf02b
2014-02-20 22:37:38 /d058a735-0fca-430a-a3d7-cf0a77097e5d/images/20b728b6-dd39-4d2e-a5c0-2dee22df6e95/a6a9b083-b04c-4ac8-86cb-ed4eb697c2c3
2014-02-20 22:27:38 /d058a735-0fca-430a-a3d7-cf0a77097e5d/dom_md/ids
2014-02-20 22:27:38 /d058a735-0fca-430a-a3d7-cf0
... <truncated>

1. what's the best way?  

2.gluster volume heal doesnt' really save this, right?

3. kind of shooting from the dark as I can't see the data content. The volume is holding VM images.  Picking the latest copies should be good?

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