[Gluster-users] Problems to work with mounted directory in Gluster 3.2.7

Targino Silveira targinosilveira at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 20:30:35 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I am getting a problem and can't understand why, I have created a cluster
with gluster following the most simple way as explaind in QuickStart on the

I have created 3 VM in KVM.

2 To host gluster server with one disk image with 1tb.

1 To host gluster client to mounting my volume.

I'm using Debian 7 and used apt-get to install Gluster 3.2.7, Server and

After all finished I could to mount as glusterfs with no problem "mount -t
glusterfs /mnt/cloudbackup_data/ vm-gluster-cloudbackup1:/vol1" but I can't
to work on the mounted directory, if I perform a "ls -lh" it's running
forver, and I can't do any other operation and VM is blocked.

If I try to mount as NFS  "mount -t nfs vm-gluster-cloudbackup2:/vol1
/mnt/cloudbackup_data/ "I get a "Time out" I'm not so much expert in
gluster, but I can't see any reason for this problem, someone know
something like that?


Targino Silveira
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