[Gluster-users] upgrading from gluster-3.2.6 to gluster-3.4.2

Dmitry Kopelevich dkopelevich at che.ufl.edu
Tue Feb 18 19:51:39 UTC 2014

I am attempting to upgrade my GlusterFS from 3.2.6 to 3.4.2 using the 
instructions posted at 
These guidelines are for an upgrade to 3.3 but it is stated at 
http://vbellur.wordpress.com/2013/07/15/upgrading-to-glusterfs-3-4 that 
they can also be used to upgrade to 3.4.0. So I was hoping that they 
would also work with an upgrade to 3.4.2.

I'm running CentOS 5 and installed the following rpms on the gluster 


According to the installation guidelines, installation from rpms should 
automatically copy the files from /etc/glusterd to /var/lib/glusterd. 
This didn't happen for me -- the directory /var/lib/glusterd contained 
only empty subdirectories. But the content of /etc/glusterd directory 
has moved to /etc/glusterd/glusterd.

So, I decided to manually copy files from /etc/glusterd/glusterd to 
/var/lib/glusterd and follow step 5 of the installation guidelines 
(which was supposed to be skipped when installing from rpms):

glusterd --xlator-option *.upgrade=on -N

This didn't work (error message: glusterd: No match)

Then I triedspecifying explicitly the name of my volume:

glusterd --xlator-option <volume>.upgrade=on -N

This lead to the following messages in file etc-glusterfs-glusterd.vol.log:

[2014-02-18 17:22:27.146449] I [glusterd.c:961:init] 0-management: Using 
/var/lib/glusterd as working directory
[2014-02-18 17:22:27.149097] I [socket.c:3480:socket_init] 
0-socket.management: SSL support is NOT enabled
[2014-02-18 17:22:27.149126] I [socket.c:3495:socket_init] 
0-socket.management: using system polling thread
[2014-02-18 17:22:29.282665] I 
[glusterd-store.c:1339:glusterd_restore_op_version] 0-glusterd: 
retrieved op-version: 1
[2014-02-18 17:22:29.283478] E 
[glusterd-store.c:1858:glusterd_store_retrieve_volume] 0-: Unknown key: 
[2014-02-18 17:22:29.283513] E 
[glusterd-store.c:1858:glusterd_store_retrieve_volume] 0-: Unknown key: 
[2014-02-18 17:22:29.283534] E 
[glusterd-store.c:1858:glusterd_store_retrieve_volume] 0-: Unknown key: 
and so on for all other bricks.

After that, files nfs.log, glustershd.log, and 
etc-glusterfs-glusterd.vol.log get filled with a large number of warning 
messages and nothing else seems to happen. The following messages appear 
to be relevant:

- Files nfs.log, glustershd.log:

2014-02-18 15:58:01.889847] W [rdma.c:1079:gf_rdma_cm_event_handler] 
0-data-volume-client-2: cma event RDMA_CM_EVENT_ADDR_ERROR, error -2 
(me: peer:)

(the name of my volume is data-volume and its transport type is RDMA)

- File etc-glusterfs-glusterd.vol.log

[2014-02-18 17:22:33.322565] W [socket.c:514:__socket_rwv] 0-management: 
readv failed (No data available)

Also, for some reason the time stamps in the log files are incorrect.

Any suggestions for fixing this would be greatly appreciated.



Dmitry Kopelevich
Associate Professor
Chemical Engineering Department
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611

Phone:   (352)-392-4422
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E-mail:dkopelevich at che.ufl.edu

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