[Gluster-users] self-heal is not trigger and data incosistency?

Mingfan Lu mingfan.lu at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 06:10:05 UTC 2014

  We saw such a issue.
   One client (fuse mount) updated one file, then the other client (also
fuse mount) copied the same file while the reader found that the copied
file was out-of-dated.
   If the reader ran ls command to list the entries of the directory where
the target file in,then it could copy the latest one.
   Two clients's version:
   The server's version is glusterfs

   I remember that 3.3 could suport automatic self-heal in the first
lookup, when calling "cp", it should trigger the self-heal to get the
lastest file, but why not?

   Any comments? I could try provide enough information what you need.
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