[Gluster-users] question about brain split or network partition

Wangshen (Peter) peter.w at huawei.com
Sat Feb 15 07:26:26 UTC 2014

Hi, All
I'm working on distributed storage system analysis, including glusterfs.
With some information on internet and done some test, I found that when brain split or network partition occurs, both side of the system can accept new write requests. It seems gluster can not guarantee consistency in this situation.
According to CAP theorem(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAP_theorem), it seems gluster is an AP system.

I can't find any value information about my question, so could you explain these below, or give me some valuable link.
1. Is gluster an AP system? Whether there have some way in gluster to guarantee data consistency when the two situation occurs?
2. How does gluster handle brain split and network partition?
3. Does gluster treat brain split and network partition as the same situation?



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