[Gluster-users] Again on GlusterFS and active/active WAN Replication

Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Thu Feb 13 17:59:33 UTC 2014

Hi All,
I have a few questions about GlusterFS used in active/active WAN-based 
replication scenarios.

Let first start with a little ASCII chart:

HQ Linux w/SMB share -> low speed link -> Remote Linux w/SMB share -> 
WIN7 clients

In short I had to replicate a local server share on a remote Linux box, 
and I would like to use GlusterFS (pre-seeding the remote side to lessen 
first-sync bandwidth requirements). However, I realize that writes to my 
local fileserver will be slowed down by the fact that GlusterFS use 
synchronous replication between the two bricks.

At first I thought to work-around this issue using tuning the 
write-behind behavior, but that seem to have no effect on replicated setup.

So my questions are:

1) it is not possible to increase local write speed while concurrently 
issuing a background sync against my remote target?

2) in current 3.4.x branch, it is possible to use geo-replication for 
active/active setup (I bet no, but...)

3) any advise of how to tune GlusterFS to suite this specific scenario?

Thank you and regards.

Danti Gionatan
Supporto Tecnico
Assyoma S.r.l. - www.assyoma.it
email: g.danti at assyoma.it - info at assyoma.it
GPG public key ID: FF5F32A8

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