[Gluster-users] peer probe pb when adding new brick

Pierre Léonard pleonard at jouy.inra.fr
Thu Feb 13 14:04:59 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

I have configured four computer in order to make a distrubuted replica 2 
volume. I work with a centos 6.5 linux Raid5 lvm, ande create a xfs 
filesystem with quota. Then I create the gluster volume :

gluster volume create gvrepli replica 2 xstoocky01:/mnt/gvrepli/brick1 xstoocky02:/mnt/gvrepli/brick1

I create the raid5 and the xfs volume and glusterfs volume with the 
exactly the same commandes, the computer are the same whe have 14  to 

Then I probe the two new computer and get an error :

[root at xstoocky01 ~]# gluster peer probe xstoocky03
peer probe: success: host xstoocky03 port 24007 already in peer list
[root at xstoocky01 ~]# gluster peer probe xstoocky04
peer probe: success

I try a : "gluster peer detach xstoocky03" but get an error :
[root at xstoocky01 ~]# gluster peer detach xstoocky03
peer detach: failed: xstoocky03 is not part of cluster

I seem to have resilente data concerning that computer, but where, And 
is there command to garbage that computer from that curious status ?

Many thank's in advance.

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