[Gluster-users] add-brick and fix-layout takes some VMs offline

Nicholas Majeran nmajeran at suntradingllc.com
Thu Feb 13 15:22:01 UTC 2014

Hi there,

We have a distributed-replicated volume hosting KVM guests running 
Gluster 3.4.1.
We've grown from 1 x 2 -> 2 x 2 -> 3 x 2,but each time we've added nodes 
or run a fix layout,
some of our  guests go offline (or worse with error=continue they 
silently error).
After the last addition we didn't even run fix-layout as the guests are 
becoming increasingly important.

Those guests are currently are using a combination of FUSE and libgfapi.
Is there a setting or group of settings we should use to ameliorate this 
Is FUSE or libgfapi more forgiving when add-brick or fix-layout is run?

Any info is greatly appreciated.

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