[Gluster-users] Question on replicated volumes with bricks on the same server

Antonio Messina antonio.s.messina at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 09:51:59 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I would like to know how gluster distribute the data when two bricks
of the same volumes are on the same server. Specifically, I would like
to know if there is any way to spread the replicas on different nodes
whenever possible, in order not to lose any data if the node goes

I did a simple test and it seems that the way replicas are spread over
the bricks is related to the way the volume is created, that is if I
create a volume with:

    gluster volume create vol1 replica 2\
        gluster-data001:/srv/gluster/vol1.1 \
        gluster-data001:/srv/gluster/vol1.2 \
        gluster-data002:/srv/gluster/vol1.1 \

replicas of a file will be stored on the two bricks of the same
server, while if I create the volume with

    gluster volume create vol1 replica 2\
        gluster-data001:/srv/gluster/vol1.1 \
        gluster-data002:/srv/gluster/vol1.1 \
        gluster-data001:/srv/gluster/vol1.2 \

replicas will be saved on two bricks of different servers.

So, my guess is that if I create a "replica N" replicated+distributed
volumes using the bricks:


gluster internally creates a distributed volumes made of the following
replicated "volumes":

  replicated volume 1: gluster-[1..N]:/srv/gluster
  replicated volume 2: gluster-[N+1..2N]:/srv/gluster
  replicated volume M: gluster-[N*(M-1)+1..N*M]:/srv/gluster

Is that correct or there is a more complex algorithm involved?


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