[Gluster-users] Can I configure node <--> clients on ethernet#1, and node <--> node on ethernet#2?

Michael Peek peek at nimbios.org
Tue Dec 30 16:57:27 UTC 2014

Can I configure gluster to talk to clients on one ethernet device, and
cross-talk between nodes on a second ethernet device? And if so, is
there an example configuration somewhere that I can look at?

I have four servers running gluster3.5.2.  The networking is configured
such that clients can access the nodes via the first ethernet device
(em1), and each node can access each other node via a second ethernet
device (p117p1 -- What was wrong with eth0 and eth1 anyway?),  The
p117p1 interfaces are connected via a gigabit switch on a private little
192.168.1.* network that does not face outward to clients.

I can successfully probe the nodes by their 192.168.1.* addresses, and I
can create a volume.  But I can't mount the volume to a client.  The
client says, "Mount failed. Please check the log file for more
details."  But the volume shows no activity in the log file.

If this is possible then is there an example somewhere that I can look at?

Thanks for your help,


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