[Gluster-users] anyone using glusterfs as openstack cinder/nova storage?

Zhu,Chao zhuchao at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 15:05:12 UTC 2014

    We are using glusterfs 3.5 on top of centos 6.5 with openstack version
    We have about ~50 nodes as storage server, and 300 nova computing
    One questoin we have is:
    When I add new servers into the storage pool, and I will have to do
re-balance for the glusterfs cluster,(first fix-layout, and then migrate
    As for the VMs are always running and the file on glusterfs is always
opened, does glusterfs support online file migration?( with vm continue
running, aka, open file migration supported?)
    From the documentation it looks like it is ok, but in our environment,
when we does the rebalance, lots of vm got disk read-only; Which is very
    Looking forward to get idea/experience from friends;

    A similar question is, when I have say 3 replica, one node goes down
for HW maintenance and when it comes back online, How does it do the
re-sync? As all the VMs disks are continuously being modified, and each VM
disk is pretty big(usually 5gb-40gb); It would be nightmare to re-sync the
whole brick replica?


Zhu Chao
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