[Gluster-users] two questions regarding glusterfs cluster: tierd storage and hotspare brick

Zhu,Chao zhuchao at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 08:37:17 UTC 2014

hi, all,
    We are using gluster 3.5.2 on standard 3TB*12 machines, some hosts also
got SSD on the machines as well;
two questions:
1. Is there mature solution, I can use the SSD as the write cache for sata
disks? So I can combine the power of SSD as write cache(and even read
cache), and the capacity provided by SATA disks?
    I heard on Ceph there is  tied storage solution already, on glusterfs i
did't see that on documentation;
    Anyone used solution like facebook flashcache solution?

2. As sata disks fails often(relatively, when you got lots of disks...),
each time a disk fails, i will have to manually replace the disks, and
replace the bricks;
    Can we setup spare bricks?
     Say, I have 12*3TB sata disks, I only use 10 disks as 10 Bricks with
data on it, and have 2 disks configured with filesystem, as part of volume,
without putting data on the brick/filesystem? So in case on brick fails,
this brick automatically replace that failed disks? Just like hotspare in


Zhu Chao
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