[Gluster-users] Hundreds of duplicate files

tbenzvi at 3vgeomatics.com tbenzvi at 3vgeomatics.com
Sun Dec 28 07:50:27 UTC 2014

Hi Vijay,
Yes the files are still readable from the .glusterfs path.
There is no explicit error. However, trying to read a text file in python simply gives me null characters:
>>> open('ott_mf_itab').readlines()
 And reading binary files does the same
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From: "Vijay Bellur" <vbellur at redhat.com>
Date: 12/27/14 9:57 pm
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On 12/28/2014 10:13 AM, tbenzvi at 3vgeomatics.com wrote:
 > Thanks Joe, I've read your blog post as well as your post regarding the
 > .glusterfs directory.
 > I found some unneeded duplicate files which were not being read
 > properly. I then deleted the link file from the brick. This always
 > removes the duplicate file from the listing, but the file does not
 > always become readable. If I also delete the associated file in the
 > .glusterfs directory on that brick, then some more files become
 > readable. However this solution still doesn't work for all files.
 > I know the file on the brick is not corrupt as it can be read directly
 > from the brick directory.
 For files that are not readable from the client, can you check if the 
 file is readable from the .glusterfs/ path?
 What is the specific error that is seen while trying to read one such 
 file from the client?
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