[Gluster-users] Updates about DiSTAF - Multi Node test framework

M S Vishwanath Bhat vbhat at redhat.com
Wed Dec 24 12:54:16 UTC 2014


I had sent a mail about new multi node test framework for glusterfs 
is an update about the same.

* Have changed the name to distaf - https://github.com/msvbhat/distaf
About the name: DiSTAF stand for "Distributed Software Test Automation 
Also, distaff is a tool used in spinning. It makes the spinning easy by 
holding the unspun fibers together and keeping them untangled. The 
framework is supposed to do the same thing. Holding the vms/machines 
together and easing the process of writing and executing the tests. And 
since DiSTAF is pronounced same as distaff, I felt it's an apt name.

* Have added couple of libraries and utilities.

Things in pipeline
* Using rpyc zero deploy instead of plain rpyc. The zero-deploy rpyc 
makes a *lot* easier to setup and run the tests.
* Better logging to create a test log per test case.
* Integrating with docker/dockit.

There are couple of TODO's mentioned in README file. Please go through 
the framework once and let me know your inputs. The plan is to start 
using it for upstream testing soon.

Best Regards,

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