[Gluster-users] create new volume in 2/3 gluster members

Jon Colás Gómez jonybravo30 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 13:27:15 UTC 2014

I already have *host1* and *host2* with replica 2 volume called

I am trying to create a new volume type replica 2 in *host1* and *host3* with
this command;
*gluster volume create gluster_volume replica 2 transport tcp
host1.dns.me:/data/gluster host3.dns.me:/data/gluster*
out:Operation failed on hos2.dns.me

,but something is failing.

in cli.log i have this when execute command:

[2014-12-22 12:34:31.960372] W [rpc-transport.c:606:rpc_transport_load]
0-rpc-transport: missing 'option transport-type'. defaulting to "socket"
[2014-12-22 12:34:32.28142] I
[cli-rpc-ops.c:627:gf_cli3_1_create_volume_cbk] 0-cli: Received resp to
create volume
[2014-12-22 12:34:32.28296] I [input.c:46:cli_batch] 0-: Exiting with: 1


 Jon Colás Gómez
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