[Gluster-users] Porblem creating Geo-replication

wodel youchi wodel_doom at yahoo.fr
Fri Dec 12 18:32:17 UTC 2014

Thanks for your reply,
When executing the gverify.sh script I had these errors on slave.log[2014-12-12 18:12:45.423669] I [options.c:1163:xlator_option_init_double] 0-fuse: option attribute-timeout convertion failed value 1.0
[2014-12-12 18:12:45.423689] E [xlator.c:425:xlator_init] 0-fuse: Initialization of volume 'fuse' failed, review your volfile again

I think that the problem is linked to the locale variables, mine were

I changed LC_CTYPE and LC_NUMERIC to C and then executed the gverify.sh script again and it worked, but the gluster vol geo-rep ... failed.
I then changed the /etc/locale.conf file and modified the LANG from fr_FR.UTF-8 to C, rebooted the VM and voila, the geo-replication session was created successfuly.
but I am not sure if my changes won't affect other things.


     Le Vendredi 12 décembre 2014 8h30, Kotresh Hiremath Ravishankar <khiremat at redhat.com> a écrit :


The setup is failing while doing compatibility test between master and slave cluster.
The gverify.sh script is failing to get master volume details for the same.

Could you run the following and paste the output here?

bash -x /usr/local/libexec/glusterfs/gverify.sh <master-vol-name> root <slave-host-name> <slave-vol-name> <temp-log-file>

If source installed gverify.sh is found in above path where as if rpm install,
it is found in /usr/libexec/glusterfs/gverify.sh

If you are sure the master and slave gluster versions and size is fine, the easy workaround
is to use force.

gluster vol geo-replication <master-vol> <slave-host>::<slave-vol> create push-pem force

Thanks and Regards,
Kotresh H R

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I am using Centos7x64 updates 
GlusterFS 3.6 from http://download.gluster.org/pub/gluster/glusterfs/LATEST/CentOS/epel-7Server/ repository. 
No firewall and No Selinux. 

I've two nodes with distributed replicated volume: data1 
and a third node with a distributed volume: data2 
the two volumes have the same size 

I've trouble to configure geo-replication to the third node, I've been following the RedHat Storage 3 Admin Guide, but It does not work. 

I've created the ssh-passwordless connection between the nodes, and followed these commands 

On the master: 
# gluster system: : execute gsec_create 
Common secret pub file present at /var/lib/glusterd/geo-replication/common_secret.pem.pub 

# gluster volume geo-replication data1 node3.example.com::data2 create push-pem 
Unable to fetch master volume details. Please check the master cluster and master volume. 
geo-replication command failed 

from /var/log/glusterfs/etc-glusterfs-glusterd.vol.log I get these error messges 
[2014-12-11 21:34:47.152644] E [glusterd-geo-rep.c:2012:glusterd_verify_slave] 0-: Not a valid slave 
[2014-12-11 21:34:47.152750] E [glusterd-geo-rep.c:2240:glusterd_op_stage_gsync_create] 0-: node3.example.com::data2 is not a valid slave volume. Error: Unable to fetch master volume details. Please check the master cluster and master volume. 
[2014-12-11 21:34:47.152764] E [glusterd-syncop.c:1151:gd_stage_op_phase] 0-management: Staging of operation 'Volume Geo-replication Create' failed on localhost : Unable to fetch master volume details. Please check the master cluster and master volume. 
[2014-12-11 21:35:25.559144] E [glusterd-handshake.c:914:gd_validate_mgmt_hndsk_req] 0-management: Rejecting management handshake request from unknown peer 

the is the IP address of the 3rd node. 

any idea!!. 


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