[Gluster-users] Add space to a volume

wodel youchi wodel_doom at yahoo.fr
Wed Dec 10 16:19:01 UTC 2014

Hi,I am learning GlusterFS 3.6
I did some testing, using Redhat Documentation. They use thin LVM with XFS on top of the brick.
I have two questions about adding more space to a volume.
Adding space can be done by adding a new brick (distributed configuration), but it could also be done by adding a new pv to the vg in use and then lvextend and xfs_growfs. I tested the two methods and they work perfectly without any manipulation on the client.
1- What is the benefit from using thin LVM and not just LVM, beside snapshots? my target use is VM storage
2- Which is preferable when adding space to a volume, add-brick or lvextend?
thanx in advance.

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