[Gluster-users] A short farewell to the Gluster community

Dave McAllister davemc at gluster.org
Wed Dec 10 01:25:12 UTC 2014

Good day.

After a lengthy period of consideration, i have decided to move on from 
Red Hat, and as such, step down from the board as well as out of the 
community lead role.

GlusterFS is a vibrant technology. It has the ability to change the 
nature of globalized file systems, and to help deliver the every 
increasing needs for files and storage in a cloud driven, IoT world. And 
it needs a community lead to be deeper technology-wise, while retaining 
a the ability to lead a community to deliver ever better, ever more 
stable releases.

The community team building ever better versions of GlusterFS have been 

So while I am leaving for a new adventure, rest assured that it will 
have open sources roots somewhere, I know I'm leaving GlusterFS ready 
for its next steps.

We will be determining who will be stepping into the board seat held by 
Red Hat and working on enhancing the overall community.

Over the next few months, we will be searching for the right person to 
take over the new and revitalized Gluster community lead role.

Dave McAllister
davemc at linux.com

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