[Gluster-users] nfs bug when do dd write

Raghavendra Bhat rabhat at redhat.com
Tue Dec 9 09:43:41 UTC 2014

On Tuesday 09 December 2014 02:47 PM, shuau li wrote:
> hi all,
>        In my environment, I meet a nfs problem.When I do dd write for 
> a while, nfs client will report "nfs server no responding".I think 
> this maybe a bug of nfs server, Is anybody meet similar problem?
> The details of my environment and test  are as follow:
> glusterfs version:
>     3.6.1
> 3 nodes:
>   cpu with 8 core 3.20 GHz, 16 GB memory, 10000baseT/Full network card
> I use two nodes create a replica volume with two bricks, another nodes 
> act as client, client use protocol nfs3 to mount volume through the 
> 10000baseT/Full network card, then use command "dd if=/dev/zero 
> of=/mnt/ida/testdata bs=128k" to write data.
> Generally, only data about 10G can be write successfully. Then client 
> will say "nfs server ip no responding".At the same time, I use gdb to 
> trace nfs process in nfs server, the result is that nfs server keeps 
> staying in epoll_wait, why nfs server  can not listen requests from 
> nfs client ?
> In addition, I noticed the difference between fuse and nfs. When 
> access through fuse, two threads will work together, one responsible 
> for fuse-bridge, another responsible for listening socket. But in nfs, 
> only one thread work in background, both responsible for nfs server 
> and listening socket. Will the cause process bottleneck?
> Best wishes!!
> Looking forward to your reply!


Can you please attach the nfs server and brick log files? You can find 
the log files in /var/log/glusterfs.

Raghavendra Bhat
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