[Gluster-users] Rebuilding a server from scratch

x-gluster at sidell.org x-gluster at sidell.org
Mon Dec 8 16:16:41 UTC 2014

I'm running a pair of glusters servers at AWS. From time to time, I'd
like to recreate the servers from scratch, using the latest AWS linux
image, and perhaps upgrading to a newer, presumably compatible,
version of gluster.

Is it possible to save the set of files that specifies the current
configuration of a gluster server and then restore them to a new
server, so that the new server resumes operation as if it was the old
server? This assumes the brick will have been saved and remounted as
well. Also, the new server would have the same IP and name as the old
server. If so, what directories/files do I need to save and restore?


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