[Gluster-users] Sudden interference between 2 independent gluster volumes

Peter B. pb at das-werkstatt.com
Thu Dec 4 14:56:50 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Since the strange "hickup" I had on Monday (files disappearing from the
volume, although existing on the bricks), another very strange (and
horrible) thing happened:

Out of the blue, gluster "Volume-A" is now pointing to the bricks of
another, completely separate and independent "Volume-B".
Ouch! O.o

Running "gluster volume info volume-a" and the same for "volume-b", both
list the bricks of "volume-b". They even show the identical volume ID.

Regardless of "why" that happened, does anyone here have any idea how I
can properly fix this and separate the volumes again?

I'm very grateful for any help!
Thanks in advance,

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