[Gluster-users] Our plan to get bugs fixed quicker, and features implemented sooner

Lalatendu Mohanty lmohanty at redhat.com
Thu Aug 21 07:12:23 UTC 2014

I hope the subject line have increased your curiosity to go through the 
email :).

As a community, we are looking for contributors for GlusterFS bug triage 
and hopefully this mail will give you enough motivation for it.

As mentioned in the subject , bug triage will help to get bugs fixed 
quicker, and features implemented sooner. If you are not sure what bug 
triage means, please refer the gluster wiki page [1] for bug triage.

Here are few questions and answers to help you if this is something you 
should do.

  * Q: Why we need to do bug triage?
  * A: It reduces the time between reporting a bug and the availability
    of a fix enormously.
      o Because many developers have bad response times for new bugs
        that are not pointed out to them. When well triaged bugs get
        assigned to right developers, the response time improves.
      o Also developers work mainly on writing bug fixes and
        implementing new features. Which in turn results in to spending
        (too little) time on bug triaging.

  * Q: I am just a GlusterFS user. Why bug triage will help me?
  * A: It will increase your understanding of GlusterFS,  current issues
    in GlusterFS, increase the interaction between developers, community
    and triager. It will also help filing better bugs too. The better
    the bug report, the easier it is for a developer to write a fix.

  * Q: Do you run GlusterFS in production?
  * A: If your answer is yes, then bug triage is the right platform for
    you to raise the importance of bugs. Bug triage will also help you
    know existing issues in the version of GlusterFS you are using, help
    you to know existing issues in a new feature. So you will be in a
    better position to decide if a feature is production ready or not.

  * Q: I want to contribute to GlusterFS. Will bug triage help?
  * A: Yes, it is an awesome place to start. You will get to know about
    all the components in GlusterFS along with issues in each of them.
    This knowledge will help you to do better testing, development (bug
    fixing) etc. Also you will interact with developers while triaging
    bugs. You can use these interactions to ask more detailed questions.

  * Q: How can I triage bugs of GlusterFS?
  * A: The wiki page [1] is the right place start. We are starting up a
    bi-weekly/weekly triage meeting in #gluster-meeting on Freenode.
    There would be another mail with details about the meeting. You can
    join the meeting and interact with other triagers.

Please don't hesitate to hit the reply button if you have any question 
on this. We would love to hear your suggestions/feed back :).

[1] http://www.gluster.org/community/documentation/index.php/Bug_triage

On behalf of the bug triage team
#gluster-dev, #gluster on Freenode
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