[Gluster-users] glupy question

可樂我 colacolameme at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 03:50:43 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

I try to write a new xlator by using glupy xlator
I try to translate gf_dirent_t structure to python class
it looks like

c code structure:
struct _gf_dirent_t {
    union {
        struct list_head             list;
        struct {
            struct _gf_dirent_t *next;
            struct _gf_dirent_t *prev;
    uint64_t                             d_ino;
    uint64_t                             d_off;
    uint32_t                             d_len;
    uint32_t                             d_type;
        struct iatt                          d_stat;
        dict_t                              *dict;
        inode_t                             *inode;
    char                                 d_name[];

python code class:
class gf_dirent_t (Structure):

class dirent_struct (Structure):
    _fields_ = [
            ("next", POINTER(gf_dirent_t)),
            ("prev", POINTER(gf_dirent_t))

class dirent_union (Union):
    _fields_ = [
        ("list", list_head),
        ("dirents", dirent_struct)

gf_dirent_t._fields_ = [
    ("dirent_list", dirent_union),
    ("d_type", c_uint32),
    ("d_stat", iatt_t),
    ("dict", POINTER(dict_t)),
    ("inode", POINTER(inode_t)),
    ("d_name", c_char_p)
then I print the d_len variable of gf_dirent_t class (in python)
but it is different with the d_len variable of _gf_dirent_t (in c code)
the value in python is 3386792520
the value in c is 1

anyone can tell me the python class I write is correct or not?
what's the problem?
thanks your help!
thanks a lot
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