[Gluster-users] geo replication help

David F. Robinson david.robinson at corvidtec.com
Wed Aug 13 14:32:14 UTC 2014

One other question... Is there a way to set a config variable to turn 
off the compression for the rsync?


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>On 13/08/14 02:27, David F. Robinson wrote:
>>I was hoping someone could help me debug my geo-replication under 
>>gluster 3.5.2.
>>I am trying to use geo-replication to create a lagged backup of my 
>>data. What I wanted to do was to turn off the geo-replication (gluster 
>>volume geo-replication homegfs gfsib01bkp.corvidtec.com::homegfs_bkp 
>>stop) during the day, and then turn it back on at midnight to allow 
>>the remote system to sync.
>>If I stop the geo-replication, delete a file, and then restart the 
>>geo-replication, the deletion never shows up on the slave system.  
>>From the website below, I thought that it would pick up these changes. 
>>  Any suggestions for how I can get the changes made while the 
>>geo-replication is stopped to propagate after restart the 
>This is a known issue with glusterfs-3.5.2. The problem is xsync can 
>not handle deletes and renames. So when you restart the geo-rep, the 
>change detection mechanism falls back to xsync even though the 
>Changelog was ON, the whole time. So deletes and renames won't be 
>propagated to slave in 3.5.2
>The patch to fix this issue is already submitted and is present in 
>glusterfs master branch. The fix should be available in glusterfs-3.6 
>Best Regards,
>>gluster volume geo-replication <master_volume> 
>><slave_volume>::<slave_volume> stop [force]
>>Force option is to be used, when one of the node (or glusterd in one 
>>of the node) is down. Once stopped, the session can be restarted any 
>>time. Note that upon restarting of the session, the change detection 
>>mechanism falls back to xsync mode. This happens even though you have 
>>changelog generating journals, while the geo-rep session is stopped.
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