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hwh at sangfor.com hwh at sangfor.com
Thu Aug 7 03:51:51 UTC 2014

hi :
who have more detail info about outcast, eg. design document. can send to me ?thank you


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This feature provides a way of preventing split-brains in time.

At the moment there is no way of marking a brick as stale copy, 
because of this if a file is modified when the source brick is down the 
file goes into split-brain. This feature should give the functionality 
where a file can be marked as outcast. Modifications on the file are 
considered to be successful only if it succeeds on at least one good 
copy. If the operation succeeds only on outcast files then the operation
 is treated as failure.
Note: Split-brains due to network-partition can still happen.?

hwh at sangfor.com

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