[Gluster-users] What to do with split-brain on / (root)

Colin Coghill colin.coghill at koordinates.com
Tue Aug 5 05:08:01 UTC 2014


We have a 2 server replica gluster, about 10TB (5 bricks) on each side. The
servers are fairly high-end and are connected via a private ethernet
connection, appearing to replicate with each other very quickly.

Running Ubuntu Precise (12.04) and GlusterFS 3.4.1 on the servers.

They're working quite heavily in production and downtime is difficult to

We've had a lot of trouble with split-brain, where files/dirs on both sides
appear identical
(md5sum, datestamps, etc) but I've fixed most of them by erasing the
affected files
on one side and letting it re-sync.

However, we're left with split brain on '/' and several top level
I'm uncomfortable erasing that much of one side to solve the problem.

any advice?

- Colin
Colin Coghill
DevOps Engineer
colin.coghill at koordinates.com
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