[Gluster-users] [ovirt-users] gluster split-brain on vm images volume

Tiemen Ruiten t.ruiten at rdmedia.com
Sat Aug 2 13:20:50 UTC 2014


I'm cross-posting this from ovirt-users:

I have an oVirt environment backed by a two-node Gluster-cluster.
Yesterday I decided to upgrade to from GlusterFS 3.5.1 to 3.5.2, but
that caused the gluster daemon to stop and now I have several lines like
this in my log for the volume that hosts the VM images, called vmimage:

[2014-08-02 12:56:20.994767] E
0-vmimage-replicate-0: Unable to self-heal contents of
'f09c211d-eb49-4715-8031-85a5a8f39f18' (possible split-brain). Please
delete the file from all but the preferred subvolume.- Pending matrix: [
[ 0 408 ] [ 180 0 ] ]

What I would like to do is the following, since I'm not 100% happy
anyway with how the volume is setup:

- Stop VDSM on the oVirt hosts / unmount the volume
- Stop the current vmimage volume and rename it
- Create a new vmimage volume
- Copy the images from one of the nodes
- Start the volume and let it sync
- Restart VDSM / mount the volume

Is this going to work? Or is there critical metadata that will not be
transferred with these steps?


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