[Gluster-users] Problems with Gluster

Pranith Kumar Karampuri pkarampu at redhat.com
Fri Aug 1 16:11:55 UTC 2014

What is the meaning of gluster full reset? Are you deleting all the data 
on the volume?

On 08/01/2014 09:03 PM, McKenzie, Stan wrote:
> Hi folks --
> I'm in serious need of help.  First, I'm completely new to Gluster and 
> am getting my feet wet due to an emergency power shutdown of our data 
> center which did not allow for an orderly shutdown of the cluster.  
> The head node OS is RHEL 5.5. I'm including a procedure provided by 
> our former system admin that I've attempted to follow as follows:
> Gluster Full Reset
> These are steps to reset Gluster. This should be a last option in 
> fixing Gluster. If there are issues with a single node, please read 
> the document to Remove/Restore a single node from Gluster.
>  1. qmon - disable nodes
>       * Via ssh(use putty or cygwin), connect to qmon and disable all
>         nodes so jobs are not scheduled . (This requires root access
>         to the server).
>       * Login to the server. Type in the command *qmon. *Click on the
>         icon for queue**control*. *Click on the queue instances tab.
>         Select all active nodes and select the disable button to the
>         right.
>  2. dismount scratch: Using the act_exec command unmount the scratch
>     to all nodes within the cluster
>       * *act_exec -g nodes "umount -l /scratch"*
>  3. Stop gluster daemon on all nodes: *act_exec -g nodes "service
>     glusterd stop"*
>  4. Remove the glusterd folder on all nodes on the cluster: *act_exec
>     -g nodes "cd /etc ; rm -rf glusterd"*
>  5. ssh to node40
>       * From the head node type: *ssh node40*.
>       * Start the ssh daemon on this node: *service glusterd start*
>       * stop the volume with the following command: *gluster volume
>         stop scratch-vol*
>  6. From node40, delete the volume using command: *gluster volume
>     delete scratch-vol* **
>  7. From head, cleanup scratchstore using command: *act_exec -g nodes
>     "rm -rf /scratchstore/*" *
>  8. From node40, check the peer status using command: *gluster peer
>     status. *There should not be any node available. If so, remove
>     using command: *gluster* *peer detach (node name). *If there are
>     no nodes listed do the following:**
>       * Start gluster on all nodes (from Head): *act_exec -g nodes
>         "service glusterd start"*
>       * Run a *gluster peer probe* on the nodes to set as trusted.
>         (Check /root/glusterfullreset/range.sh on head for script**
>  9. From node40, recreate the volume using the following command: **
> 10. From node40, start the volume using command: *gluster volume start
>     scratch-vol *
> 11. From node40, use the following command to recreate the scratch
>     directory and pest directory: *mkdir /scratch/pest /scratch/sptr *
> 12. From node40, assign full permissions to the directories: *chmod
>     --R 777 /scratch/pest /scratch/sptr *
> 13. Remount scratch to all nodes **
> 14. From the head node connect back to qmon and enable all nodes.**
> *Here's the problems I'm now having: *
> ·When I execute step 5. The gluster daemon appears to start but stops 
> after several seconds.
> ·If I run act_exec --g nodes service gluster start the daemon will 
> only continue to run on a few nodes.
> ·When I ssh to some nodes I get an error "-bash: 
> /act/Modules/3.2.6/init/bash:  No such file or directory
> -bash: module: command not found".   On other nodes when I ssh I get 
> normal login.
> Note that when the power was restored and the cluster came back up I 
> found that NTP was not configured correctly (was using system date) 
>  so I corrected that.
> Also, we have no documentation for the cluster shutdown, is there a 
> best practice for our future reference?
> This has been down since last weekend so your insights are appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Stan McKenzie
> Navarro-Intera, LLC
> /Under contract to the U. S. Department of Energy, NNSA, Nevada Field 
> Office/
> (702) 295-1645 (Office)
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