[Gluster-users] Amazon EC2 Design

Simon Horn shorn at raywhite.com
Sat Sep 28 02:54:30 UTC 2013


I'm relatively new to GlusterFS and was wondering if someone may be able to
help me with my design.

I'm in AU and am in the process of moving a website footprint into AWS in
the next few weeks. As part of this I need a highly available shared
filesystem to be used by various Windows and Linux servers. I thought
GlusterFS was a good fit.

The shared filesystem will be mainly housing millions upon millions of
photos and needs to be able to survive a single Availability Zone failure.
I'll probably start with 4TB's of usable space. Sydney AU only has 2 x
available AZ's for use (there is a 3rd AZ but it's hidden and only for use
by S3) which I believe poses a problem as I still need to achieve quorum
and Read Write access if a single AZ goes down. The longer term solution is
to use S3 for these files but that is not practical at the moment (requires
significant developer time to re-work lots of custom code) in the required
project time frame.

My initial thoughts were of using distributed replicated volumes across
AZ's (left-a replicated to right-a, left-b to right-b, etc). But if my
understanding is correct quorum would not be met as 50% of the bricks would
be gone in an AZ failure. I'm open to the idea of using a 3rd AZ in another
region (Eg US West) if this would work but comments in the IRC channel
suggested that it wouldn't.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

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