[Gluster-users] Cluster with NFS

DUBOURG Kevin kevin at dubourg.info
Fri Sep 27 14:26:08 UTC 2013

Thanks Marcus.

I understand ... The Native Gluster client have very poor performance ...

If i use NFS i could mount on an IPFailover. If one of the fileserver is down, the IPfailover switch one the second Fileserver (not managed by Gluster Client but the only the network).

Next test, i will install debian-zfs package and try to use this filesystem with GlusterFS.

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On 27 Sep 2013, at 15:49, DUBOURG Kevin <kevin at dubourg.info <mailto:kevin at dubourg.info> > wrote:

An idiot question ... I would like to use NFS on my client instead of the Native Gluster Client.

If i do that, i can not able to use the cluster functionnality ?

I think that the date will be duplicated between the fileserver 1 and the fileserver2, but on my client i can specify only one fileserver ...

I'm wrong ?

If you use NFS, you can indeed only connect to one server, but it doesn't matter which one - the client has nothing to do with replicating of data between the servers.

Because NFS doesn't know about gluster, you lose automatic failover when doing this. Roughly speaking these are your tradeoffs for clients:

gluster client:

auto failover

complex client setup
poor performance

NFS client:
simple client setup
better performance

No failover.



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