[Gluster-users] files on bricks but not on client

Brian Cipriano bcipriano at zerovfx.com
Tue Sep 24 21:15:17 UTC 2013

Hi all -

We're running a 3-node distributed volume, using gluster 3.3.1.

We're seeing a rare but repeated issue, where files are written to the 
volume, appears to be written OK, but are not accessible via NFS or the 
gluster client. These files appear when we inspect the bricks directly.

For example, the path in question is 

Via NFS:

$ ls /projects/site/927/Volumes/zero/job/ZY/client_projects/site/58/project/
ls: cannot access 
Invalid argument
$ ls /projects/site/927/Volumes/zero/job/ZY/client_projects/site/58
ls: cannot access 
Invalid argument
$ ls /projects/site/927/Volumes/zero/job/ZY/client_projects/site/58/project/

The directory doesn't show up at all, then eventually displays 

On gluster01, via gluster client:

$ ls /projects/site/927/Volumes/zero/job/ZY/client_projects/site/58/project/

Many more files were written to that directory. When I inspect the 
bricks I see them (brick0002 is one of the bricks in this volume):

$ ls 
ball  environment  lights  paper_package.jpg  pinbal_upper.jpg 
room_v317projection_capture  scratches

This has happened for a few (2-5) directories, but most directories are 
working fine. This is a fairly high-activity volume with thousands of 
written files per day, so the rate of incidence is not very high, but 
still concerning.

Any idea what's going on, any suggestions? Any more info I can provide?


Brian Cipriano
Head of Technology
bcipriano at zerovfx.com

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