[Gluster-users] Mounting same replica-volume on multiple clients. ????

Bobby Jacob bobby.jacob at alshaya.com
Wed Sep 18 05:35:32 UTC 2013


I have 2 gluster nodes (GFS01/GFS02) each with a single brick (B01/B01). I have created a simple replica volume with these bricks.
Bricks    : GFS01/B01 and GFS02/B01.
Volume: TestVol

I have 2 clients (C01/C02) which will mount this "testvol" for simultaneous read/write. The 2 clients run the same application which is load-balanced, so user request are end to both the client servers which reads/writes data to both the same volume.

Mounting the volume on C1       :               mount -t glusterfs -o backupvolfile-server=GFS02 GFS01:/testvol /data
Mounting the volume on C2       :               mount -t glusterfs -o backupvolfile-server=GFS01 GFS02:/testvol /data

Is this the appropriate way to be followed.?

At times, I notice that when I write data through C1-mount point the data is written only to GFS01/B01 and if data is written through C2-mount point the data is written only to GFS02/B01.

Please advise. !!

Thanks & Regards,
Bobby Jacob
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