[Gluster-users] Strange Sync Problem - FS not matching GlusterFS

Cristiano Bianchi c.bianchi at keepthinking.it
Tue Sep 17 06:45:45 UTC 2013

Hi all,

we have a strange sync issue. Scenario:

   - GlusterFS 3.2.5 with two nodes, N1 and N2, replicating over VLAN
   - Both nodes share the /home folder, in both cases mounted on
   - If I create file in N1 /mnt/glusterfs/user1/test.txt it shows up in
   /home/user1/test.txt - all normal
   - It also shows up on N2 in /mnt/glusterfs/user1/test.txt - but NOT (and
   this is the odd part) in N2 /home/user1/
   - If I do the same starting from N2, creating a file in N2
   /mnt/glusterfs/user1/test.txt it all works: the file shows up in N2
   /home/user1, N1 /mnt/glusterfs/user1 and N1 /home/user1

My questions are (if they can be answered based on the info provided):

   - What could have gone wrong and how to fix it?
   - How do I re-sync the /home folder in N2 to match the content of
   glusterfs - which is correct in the virtual FS N2 /mnt/glusterfs

It seems that N2 has lost the wires between the glusterfs db and the 'real
world' of the filesystem.

With many thanks,


Cristiano Bianchi

43 Clerkenwell Road
London EC1M 5RS
tel +44 20 7490 5337
mobile +44 7939 041169 (UK)

c.bianchi at keepthinking.it


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