[Gluster-users] Native client reads from a replication volume

Kal Black kaloblak at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 14:09:34 UTC 2013

I asked this question some days ago but did not get any answer so far so I
am posting it again.

Can someone explain how Gluster native client reads from a Gluster
replicated volume?

1. Is there a mechanism that would spread requests, form a single client,
among all bricks/servers, taking part in a replica volume?

2. Would the native client take a decision where (brick/server) to fetch a
file from based on some criteria or it will be bound to a give brick/server
all the time?

3. Is a file being downloaded from just one of the gluster servers?

I did some tests, trying to measure network traffic between gluster servers
and a client using "iptraf" and "gluster volume status Volname client",
which gave confusing results so I would like someone to clear this out for
me if possible.

Thank you!
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