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Olivier Desport olivier.desport at ac-versailles.fr
Mon Sep 9 13:57:02 UTC 2013

Le 09/09/2013 10:50, Xavier Hernandez a écrit :
> Al 09/09/13 09:59, En/na Olivier Desport ha escrit:
>> Hello,
>> I've created a distribued volume with two bricks. The shares are 
>> partitioned in XFS. Locking doesn't seem to be activated : when I 
>> write in the same file with two different clients, no error occurs.
>> What option should I enable on the volume to enable locking ?
> Locking is active always, however POSIX (the standard used by 
> GlusterFS) does not impose an exclusive access to files. Under POSIX, 
> it is the responsibility of the application to coordinate concurrent 
> accesses to files using explicit calls to fcntl() to coordinate them. 
> Even using this, another application can read/write the file if it 
> does no use an explicit call to fcntl().
> Since GlusterFS is POSIX-compliant, it is the expected behavior that 
> two clients could write to the same file at the same time. The 
> resulting file may have a mix of writes from both clients.
> Best regards,
> Xavi

Thanks for your answer.

>> Thanks
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