[Gluster-users] FW: Backup / Restore for Gluster volumes.

Bobby Jacob bobby.jacob at alshaya.com
Mon Sep 2 07:54:16 UTC 2013

So is it assumed within the community that we can setup a gluster volume, but we cannot backup/restore anything. ? Nothing of this sort is being done now. ?

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*Subject:* Backup / Restore for Gluster volumes.


What would be the various options to backup gluster volumes. The

bricks are created with xfs filesystems. I've gone through the

concepts of xfsdump concept. Can we schedule daily incremental backups

of the gluster volume or bricks. ??

What about restoring the bricks or volumes. ?

I wouldn't make backups under glusterfs. In theory it should work, but

there are too many critical points in the system.

For example you need to stop every transaction (in case of VMs, then all

of them) to make consistent snapshots.

If you have multiple bricks, all of them has to be snapshotted at the

same time....etc.

In addition restoring would be nightmare.

IMHO, it's a crazy idea.


ui.: I use dirvish (rsync based backup solution) and it works fine,

though cluster side snapshotting feature would help a lot.


Yes, I know about that, unfortunately it's not ready yet:

3 Current status

 No support availabe for snap'ing a glusterfs volume

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