[Gluster-users] Mismatched Volume ID

joe at macace.net joe at macace.net
Thu Oct 24 19:34:19 UTC 2013

 Hello All,

I am having some strange issues with Glusterfs and looking for some 
help please. this is the issue,

we have 3 nodes in replicate mode using Centos 6.4 and binary install 
of Glusterfs we have 1 databrick on each server mounted at 
/wp/databrick1/sda1 which in turn connects to a SAN now we unmounted 
this SAN mount point to use on a sperate server.  Now that I have 
remounted the SAN mount back to the location /wp/databrick1/ I get the 
following error when Trying to start our gluster volume

volume start: webpack: failed: Volume id mismatch for brick Expected volume id 
bc507697-731f-4fcc-bcdb-006f6547e1ea, volume id 
2f95161c-f482-42c3-9454-a0cb4b50b35f found

how do I resolve this please?



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